TESLA Faces Another Lawsuit: Hagens Berman Likely To Drag US Automaker To Court; Over Its Autopilot 2.0

The globally regarded American Automaker TESLA faces another lawsuit but then again; they’re not new to the situation anyway. The Seattle-based law firm Hagens Berman is likely to drag the tech-leader to the court; intending to sue Tesla by filing a class action lawsuit, based on claims it made over Autopilot 2.0.


Hagens Berman is the same 76-attorney law firm that made headlines for making WV and Mercedes deal with a class action legal claim previously. The same firm now plans likewise class action lawsuit against Tesla and though it relates to company’s Autopilot 2.0 but has nothing to do with ‘Safety.’


If VW and Mercedes were brought to the court for their emissions-cheating software issue, Tesla faces a possible visit to the court; to satisfy the lawyers over questions regarding the following:

  • Autopilot 2.0 features
  • Enhanced Autopilot, and
  • Full Self-Driving capabilities

It is, therefore likely that soon the Tesla owners would be signing up for the plaintiffs Berman invites them for. Tesla has to satisfy the court whether why they failed in ‘delivering a system they announced rather claimed to support entire Tesla cars from October 2016 onwards.

Tesla announcement had ensured that henceforth, all vehicles will have this system, based on Driver PX 2 hardware by Nvidia, adding “the future cars will have the built-in hardware they would require for supporting “Full Self-driving” capability. This is why Tesla faces another lawsuit or in other words, that’s exactly the new lawsuit’s thrust; that company failed to deliver. They wrongly claimed to make Enhanced Autopilot available by the end that year (2016).

Despite Elon Musk’s claims, Tesla simply failed in fulfilling its promise and the company’s post 2016 models still lack and await the all ‘Enhanced Autopilot Features.’ They never arrived in the promised Tesla 8.1 update either, as ensured in a Tweet by Musk in 2016. Now let’s see should they’re sued, let’s see how the Tesla attorneys tackle the situation and how they take up this newest challenge at their hand.


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