Tesla semi: heavy duty truck plan, released a master plan in third quater of last year

Tesla Semi is a heavy-duty electric truck plan which has been released by Jerome Guillen is last year.  Mr. Guillen is program director and Vehicle Engineering of Tesla’s Model S, he has been the executive at Daimler where he successfully developed Cascadia truck project. Most of the future truck project has been announced by Alon Musk in Master Plan Part 2.


In the planes, Alon Musk said ” there is a need of two types of electric trucks number one is heavy duty trucks and second demand is about passenger carrying heavy density urban transport. The company has worked on both of the types of truck and these are almost ready to launch in next year. The company believes that tesla semi will offer a cost reduction in heavy-duty trucks  with high safety and efficient is working.”

Tesla is more focused on the release launch Model T/ The Musk

We can say on the base of Tesla CEO that the company is ready to launch its model 2 but Musk has said Tesla is more focused on the release of Model 3 this year.  Peister stated that “full windshield version/electric powered autonomous Tesla semi truck: Model T / “The Musk.”


Tesla semi is huge glass face and highly corner folded design with rear facing camera to alter traditional mirror.  This angular and rear camera facing is very futuristic design but the design has not been confirmed the design whether it will become to roads or not. Until now it is not clear that Tesla may work with its generic design.

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