Tesla Model 3 Tracker: Here’s Another Ben Sullins Video, Offering The Future Tesla Model 3 Owners State-To-State Map

Beyond doubts, the upcoming Tesla Model 3 is one of the most hyped, talked about and analyzed car. Although the company has kept several details to themselves yet; there are various sites, claiming to have complete knowledge on the vehicle. As far Ben Sullins is concerned, his approach is slightly different from others. Unlike others, Ben relies on his research-based data that he shares in the form of videos and likewise; his latest video is all about Tesla Model 3 Tracker.

Ben Sullins Tesla Model 3 Tracker: Heres Another Ben Sullins Video, Offering The Future Tesla Model 3 Owners State To State Map


Ben runs a website of his own, called Teslamonics and he uses this platform for decoding the economics of Tesla. Looking at the popularity graph of Ben’s channel suggests the with passing day, the number of subscribers is growing larger; with over 10,000 already joined in.


The video (attached) suggests that data source gain been Tesla, and Tesla Model 3 Tracker, with Ben explaining the upgrades, and telling which of them are the popular most, across the globe. Ben has used the data thus collected to create a complete and interactive map, showing the future owners the upgrade preferences from state-to-state, for Tesla Model 3.

Take the U.S. map for instance, whereby one can check out the data, separately placed for each individual state.

Since anyone with little knowledge over the subject, can use the Model3Tracker therefore, there may be few, not giving any ‘credit’ to Ben. However, the idea seems to be working well for Ben anyway as the number of Tesla Model 3 would-be owners has already surpassed 4,000 thresholds. People seem keen to know exactly what’s out there for them to see.

Meanwhile, majority of future owners belong to the United States; the country holds the Model 3 reservations more than any other state or country alone. Watch the video and see what Ben has in the offering this time.

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