Cruise’s Bolt EV first real time autonomous car: GM released its second more impressive and real vedio

GM- automobiles has made it tangible the first test of self-driving cars. It has released a video of self-driving car the Cruise Bolt EV in real time city streets, equipped with Cruise’s software walked in San Francisco roads of  Dolores Park for the first time.

The company released another more advanced video and has the plan to launch forty self-driving cars:

Last week GM released the first video of Bolt Ev Prototype in San Francisco, the response from the video was not good it seemed that someone new driver is just roaming for few minute. GM quickly realized its mistake and released another more interesting video next week in self-driving progress. The GM is working on Chevy Bolt EV in Arizona and Michigan, the company has a plan to test total forty self-driving cars.




GM claims first company with the fully autonomous system:

GM is leader in the production of self driving autonomous cars, it has planned to test forty different cars. The company is ready to launch commercial version till 2020. The are many other companies who are ready to launch self drinving cars like Waymo and Tesla are working more aggreisvly but they had made any of the demo up till now.

Cruise’s Bolt first automation test drive


As the Cruise’s software is advanced in use multi dimenssional environmental scanning it can detect and controll the car for padestrian, traffic , even construcyion work on road in premises.



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