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People are less happy with Model X than S, Owner Satisfaction survey shows


Tesla, according to 2016 Owner Satisfaction survey, again topped the list of modern electric automakers for 2016. Reports call it a big win for Tesla.

The survey shows the Model S scoring 94%, slightly less than the previous scores but still the most cherished car. Model X, on the other hand, stands on 88%. See table given below.

Consumer reports indicate that Model X’s low position is due to the reliability issues that the owners have been reporting for the couple of years. Significant among these is the considerable time required for its shop fixing and quality issues, with an exclusive focus on Falcon Wing doors.

However, reports say that Tesla has controlled the situation to greater extent by reducing the reliability issues by 92%. It should also reduce the repair time. Talking about the current status of Model X and S, critics argue that Model X might be targeted to satisfy a different market. Perhaps users those are not primarily concerned about the quality concerns at the extreme level. Or maybe they are less technical and enthusiast.

The score gap between Model X and S is not much that should worry either the car users or the company, as the Audi Q7 is reported to have just one percent more satisfaction.

It is expected that the next figures would show a less gap.


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