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Tesla driver gives up his model S to save another driver who was unconscious from suffering a stroke

Tesla’s autonomous cars, particularly Model S, have been the subject of both criticism and acclaim for its accomplishments in increasing speed yet in the event that there is something Tesla fellow benefactor and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk needs to send over, it is that the organization considers safety important.

So when Manfred Kick, a Model S driver, acted nobly by giving up his vehicle to spare somebody’s life, Musk rushed to respond to it.

The Story

Forty-one-year-old Manfred Kick was driving on the Autobahn close to Munich, Germany when he saw a Volkswagen Passat moving unpredictably on the interstate. Kick became concerned on the grounds that the vehicle swerved about as well as slammed into the guardrail various times, which could have implied auto inconvenience, somebody is driving drunk, or something was the matter with the driver.

What Kick did was to accelerate his Model S and took a look at what was happening inside the VW Passat and it was then he understood that the rogue auto’s driver appeared to be unconscious. Kick instantly accelerated his Model S, and situated it before the Passat, and permitted the erratic vehicle to collide into his auto tenderly. Kick then slowed his Model S, alongside the Passat, until both vehicles came to a halt. He instantly drew closer the Passat and opened it to give first aid to the unconscious driver.

The passers-by who saw the circumstance rushed to call for crisis services, and medical aid soon touched base to take the man to the hospital. Because of Kick’s brisk activity and ability to sacrifice his Model S to save a stranger who endured a stroke, police state the man is currently stable.

The Good News

A street mishap — paying little respect to intent— is still an accident so the German police still have an occupation to explore the impact against Kick. The uplifting news is that, since the man was saved and no different vehicles were included, the police trust Kick will get a honor for his gallantry rather than a fine.

The Hitch

Kick saved a life and he is probably getting an award however there is one other thing to deal with: the bills. As indicated by reports, the harms, however minor, aggregate to about $10,700 (€10,000) for both cars and that is no doubt Kick’s duty. Ouch!

The Better News

As the familiar proverb says, “You get what you really ask for,” and Kick’s valor and sympathy earned him a reward from Musk. On Feb. 15, the Twitter active trailblazer shared the story and reported that Tesla will cover the costs for the harms to Kick’s Model S.

That is unquestionably a tremendous load off our Good Samaritan’s back and a decent route for Tesla to demonstrate why its vehicles’ safety components can still be controlled by the drivers.

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