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Said By the Supply Chain Sources, On The Date Of February 20, Model 3 Would Be Made By Tesla Having The Pre-Production Run.

As per a report by Reuters in view of sources in Tesla’s store network, the automaker arrangements to begin a pilot creation of the Model 3 on February 20. Tesla declined to remark on the report, which comes as the organization affirmed to the sources that it arrangements to incidentally close down the Fremont industrial facility around a similar time with a specific end goal to retool some gear for the Model 3.

“Tesla has told suppliers it planned to begin test-building its Model 3 sedans on Feb. 20, according to people familiar with the matter, a move that could allay concerns about the company meeting its target to start production in July.
The sources did not know how many of the highly anticipated vehicles Tesla aimed to build in February, but it would likely be a small number to test the assembly system and the quality of vehicle parts”

Note that Tesla didn’t really say that it arrangements to “begin creation in July”, however that it is a due date for outside and interior parts. More approval and readiness for the gathering could be required before creation can begin, which is the reason Tesla has been directing “the second 50% of the year”. The planning is surely intriguing since it comes just before Tesla’s final quarter and entire year 2016 profit give an account of the 22nd.

In spite of the fact that Reuters makes it seem like a pre-creation of the Model 3, assuming genuine, it is more probable the generation of a beta model armada. As we detailed yesterday, Tesla is arranging a retooling of the processing plant in readiness for the Model 3 amid the production line shutdown toward the finish of the month and we revealed a few development licenses supporting that. In this manner, I wouldn’t take the cases in the report as a sign that Tesla could be able to run generation purpose Model 3 on its mechanical production system

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