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Production of Model S/X Will Be Delayed For A Week, Tesla Affirms Retooling Of Plant For Model 3 This Month

Tesla affirmed in an announcement to Electrek today that it plans to “stop” manufacturing for a week this month at Fremont industrial facility so as to introduce gear for Model 3 creation.

The organization doesn’t expect that it will influence its manufacturing for the main quarter 2017 since it “added manufacturing days to adjust.”

There have been past examples of short interruptions at Tesla’s Fremont plant keeping in mind the end goal to extend its sequential construction system for higher making limit and for the presentation of the Model X.

Amid this new “Manufacturing delay” this month, Tesla says that it will redesign the paint shop:

“Amid this time, we plan to add ability to the current paint shop with the goal that it is prepared for Model 3, and perform general support on other plant hardware.”

We have seen on Buildzoom that Tesla as of late procured new development licenses for the extension of its paint workshop, including one for “Model 3 fascia get together gear evacuation”:

In the announcement, Tesla included this new tools will permit the organization to “start Model 3 creation in the future of this year as scheduled” and empower them initiate their insanely determined ramp up “towards 500,000 automobiles yearly in 2018.”

Last year in December, Fremont city endorsed plans for Tesla’s huge manufacturing plant development that will twofold the mass of the officially massive electric vehicle production line – from 5.3 million square feet to 9.9 million square feet.

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Furthermore, Tesla as of late began chipping at another creation line for Model 3 drivetrains at the Gigafactory in Nevada, where the organization additionally hopes to begin delivering the battery cells for the vehicle amid the second quarter.

In a meeting a month ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that he was hopeful in regards to the organization making it up to its due date for Model 3 creation in mid-2017 and that he sees another Schuler imprinting media as the more “at threat” tools to defer manufacturing.


Lately building grants obtained by Tesla for the Fremont manufacturing plant likewise incorporate the establishments for a “2a stamping press line”.

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It would seem that the manufacturing program for the Model 3 is scheduled as arranged, which ought to be worthy news for the more than 400,000 booking holders.


Tesla thinks to begin deliveries of the $35,000 all-electric vehicle in the second 50% of 2017. The principal units will go to booking holders on the west coast, close to the processing plant, and the organization will move east from that point. Different nations will take after when Tesla finishes the homologation procedure in each market.

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