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For Its Model 3, Tesla Approaches Gebauer & Griller; The Supplier Asked To Supply 3,000 KM Shielded Aluminum Cables

Tech-Leader Tesla’s “Model 3” production project continues to proceed along nicely and the company seems pretty determined not to welcome any delays anymore. Eliminating the risk, the company thus prefers thorough sourcing plans instead. Reports confirm that Tesla Approaches Gebauer & Griller and the cable supplier receives a supply order; for 3,000 km Shielded Aluminum Cable.

What encourages the big suppliers to win a contract or two is the promising rather mouthwatering huge backlog associated with large numbers of TESLA Project. Although earlier this year, an unfortunate supplier was hit with a huge $100 million contract cancellation (for supplying parts), the suppliers still feel honored to work for the American automaker. This time, the lucky supplier is Vienna-based Gebauer & Griller and according to the cable supplier; they’re now part of Tesla’s rigorous sourcing program; for its ‘all-electric’ upcoming vehicles.

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An announcement by Gebauer & Griller revealed two facts:

  • The supplier not only won the said all important contract this week
  • For its Model 3 Project, Tesla approaches Gebauer & Griller themselves

Sharing the contract details, Griller confirmed to have received an order to supply Tesla Inc. about 3,000 km of above mentioned ‘shielded aluminum cable’ adding, “We value the order amounting close to $3.2 million to $5.4 million USD.

The news coming through Kurier (one of the local news outlet) gives us an understanding that the new supplier is quite thrilled to have the contract which, they expect, would require them adding additional manpower at the Poysdorf-based facility. Further, the cables Griller received the order for would be high-power-capacity wires, unlike the ones Tesla previously required for its S and X Models.

The cables meanwhile are used for establishing a connection between battery pack(s) and electric motor(s) with shielding playing the role of ‘protector’ against possible electromagnetic interferences. If the supplier feel honored they have reasons; winning a contract from one of the world’s largest automakers means winning Tesla’s trust in them.

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