Model 3

Some exciting news about the Tesla Model 3 cars is around the corner as Elon Musk’s company heads to start the car’s mass production

With the news of Tesla‘s affordable Model 3 car getting rumored everywhere, it seems that Tesla is in desperate need of some funds for setting up their next projects. “Never Judge a book by its cover”, fits here perfectly. Though the size of the American-based company is huge and their first ever Giga factory is a live witness for that, still the company needs a lot more money to groom.

Elon Musk’s Financial Strategy

The San Carlos company founded in 2003 aims to set up 4 of its new Giga factories, which appears to be a huge target.The founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla Inc. is said to be buying about $25 million dollars in stock himself. This may give him a financial boost for all of his future plans.

Production Of Model 3

Talking about the Model 3’s production, Tesla has a plan to start with over 5,000 units per week and improve the capacity to double. The planned huge production is because of the fact that the company has hit the figure of around 500,000 pre-orders. Divine!

Expected Price

The Model 3 of the electric car will soon be hitting the roads as the journey of electric cars all over the world is going pretty well and with the increasing demand for the new technology of cars, the Model 3 is expected to be priced around $35,000.


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